It’s better for everyone when you repair.


Better for the environment.

When you repair your computer instead of buying a new one you greatly reduce:

• Greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing
• Emissions, human health concerns, deforestation and pollution associated with mining and heavy industry
• Use of rare earth minerals, many of which may come from conflict zones, or questionable sources
• The carbon footprint associated with supply chain logistics of the components and ultimately the finished product


More cost-effective for you.

We’ve found that our customers can save on average around 80%* by upgrading and repairing their devices over buying new ones. That means a saving of thousands of dollars.
Doesn’t a holiday with your saved money sound nicer than a slightly newer computer?


Fantastic performance for your computer.

Performance that will surprise and delight you.

For the last decade, improvements in processing performance in personal computers have been slowing down. On the flip-side, the pricing and availability of other components which can greatly improve overall performance has gone down––this means that you may likely already own a computer that meets your processing needs, it just needs to be upgraded to unlock its full potential. We call this Turbocharge, which is the process of identifying the maximum possible specifications your computer can run and upgrading it. Many of our customers are genuinely shocked by the difference––in practically every case, the computer is much faster than it was even brand new.

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