As certified Dropbox Partners, CommandFix can provide your organisation with end-to-end procurement, configuration and support for Dropbox. Ask us how to streamline your workflow and improve productivity with Dropbox.


CommandFix are an Apple Authorised Reseller, which means we can procure the full Mac and iPad range as well as all other necessary components. Easy ordering and the option of delivery to your premises makes purchasing through CommandFix the smart solution for your organisation.


CommandFix are experts at setting up your devices and deploying the technologies and profiles your business needs to operate to its full potential.


As a retail store ourselves, we have a deep understanding of point of sale systems. We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs and work closely with our clients to integrate everything they need into one package.


Construct or optimise the perfect network with CommandFix. We offer a range of networking services for organisations looking to configure their first network, or improve the one they already have. Our rock-solid network architecture solutions provide you with maximum speed, convenience and productivity.