Setup for Business

CommandFix offers a wide range of tailored setup solutions to get your business up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Computer, tablet and network setup.

  • Consultation to determine the best hardware and software for your needs
    Our unbiased approach to procurement means you get the right equipment, not the most expensive equipment.

  • In-house procurement of goods
    Being a bricks-and-mortar store, we have a complete supply chain solution to provide the infrastructure your business needs.

  • Complete setup of all hardware, networks, software and more:

    Our technicians provide end-to-end setup from procurement, to installation, to ongoing support.

    Construct or optimise the perfect network with CommandFix. We offer a range of networking services for organisations looking to configure their first network, or improve the one they already have. Our rock-solid network architecture solutions provide you with maximum speed, convenience and productivity.

Configuration of software.

  • Configuring and setting up all the software your business needs to run, from the operating system to the applications you require to perform your business including Point of Sale software.

 Staff training.

  • Ensure your staff are fully proficient with the hardware, software and processes your business needs to run. We provide expert training to empower your staff to do their best work.

Operating manuals.

  • CommandFix IT setups include an optional operating manual which documents the configuration of devices and software; providing schematics and troubleshooting.

Ongoing support.

  • This is only the beginning: CommandFix provides ongoing support for all of our business customers to ensure you're operating at your best level––and have complete confidence in the integrity of your technology.