CommandFix are experts at Mac repair. Whether the issue is hardware, software, or both; we can get to the bottom of any problems with your Mac and have your computer running optimally again. We also service PC.


We provide a large range of upgrades to improve the performance of your Mac.
These include:

• Memory/RAM upgrades
• Hard drive capacity upgrades
• Hard drive performance upgrades
• Operating System upgrades
• Battery replacements


Turbocharge is a powerful service that vastly improves the performance of your Mac through tailored optimisations designed to enable your machine to run at its maximum speed. In many cases, Turbocharged Macs are able to perform at comparable or better speeds than brand-new Macs, at a fraction of the cost. Click here to view the Turbocharge compatibility list.


Your Mac is a safe device, but that doesn't mean things can't go wrong. Many users don't even realise that their machine has been compromised through the installation of malware –– malicious software that masquerades as a legitimate program. As usual, prevention is the best medicine, this is why CommandFix provides a full suite of malware removal, as well as security audits and security optimisation for your devices.


Computers are material objects, but your memories are priceless. 
There is almost nothing as stressful and frightening as losing your data like photos, videos and documents. If the unthinkable happens, don't despair, CommandFix's data recovery service has an extremely high success rate and utilises a wide range of proven, advanced techniques.

To prevent data loss in the first place, CommandFix provides comprehensive backup solutions for our customers.


CommandFix offers a full range of on-site services for home and business and across all technologies.
We also offer purchase and delivery of any Mac computers or accessories to your door.

Click here for more information on our OnSite Melbourne service.


Maximise the true potential your of your Mac, iPad or and/or iPhone.
Our tutorials are a fantastic way to improve your digital lifestyle.
Provided in a focussed, one-on-one format, we speak plain English and
understand what our customers need to know to get the most out of their technology.


At CommandFix, we like to make our customers happy by being as helpful as possible.
We build lasting relationships with our clients and naturally provide ongoing support for all your technological needs.